Join this heroic battle arena with you friends in an attempt to survive the waves of enemies that come crushing at your door.
Make decisive moves to ensure the victory of your team by taking control of points of interest like catapults and outposts.
Personalize your gameplay and characters stats with various items that can be purchased in shops scattered around the map.
Feed the beast in the outpost and get ready for some tense fight every morning. Be careful, you’ll have to defeat your beast and the enemy one as well everyday. Don’t overfeed that fellow !
Take control of the catapults to lay waste on your opponents lane.
Play as a team of 3 to hold off waves of monsters that get progressively more and more difficult! Hold the waves off longer than the enemy team to win the game or play solo or with your friends in soloTeam mod and hold off the lane as long as you can in four different difficulty mods that go from pure Madness. Each team starts with 100 lives, and each creep leaked through to the base loses 1 life. First team to 0 loses!

Pick your unique hero with their own custom abilities.
Use the gold you gain to buy custom items.
Every time you die, the respawn time increases.
Therefore, better not act recklessly !