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Terrafarming's features

It’s the big day for Captain Pipon! The dream came true and he is finally going to the moon to terraform it! Join Pipon in his/her quest to terraform the Moon in the cutest way possible!


Zen science uses Moon nature to create the life form adapted to grow on it. With each specific biomes you will create unique alien plants and mix them to create the most amazing space garden!


Use upgrades to unlock new ways to explore and play (like jetpacks, mining tools or watering filling system etc.) to enjoy your exploration at any time. May the fun & funk be with you!


In Terrafarming you explore a moon filled with different procedurally generated biomes which you can shape it your way using the amazing alien plants diversity. Create your own beautiful plants and make your perfect garden.

Our Prototypes

Here are some prototypes we’ve made in 2018


Block your opponent and take control of the board in this strategy mini-game.



Save Kara & Rachael from the event of Abiodenis’s mine in a cyberpunk atmosphere.

Loop 42

Control an AI and find your way into the galaxy aboard a colonization spaceship in a far distant future.

Our team
Alexandre Nicaise
Unity and Web Developer

Webdev, Git, Sourcetree and Unity have not enough secrets for him.

Guillaume Mezino
Project Manager & Unity Developer

Team leader always here to help.

Jérome Grondin
fx & sound designer

Keeping the good vibes within our games.

Mathilde Théologien
Game Director & Art Director

Core energy of the team! Full of inspiration and ideas.

Adrien Hingue
Administration & Communication

Serious with the numbers, playful with the communication and joyful when it comes to the games.

Our skills at your service!

Video games

Serious Game / Mobile Game / PC Game / Network / …

You have a game idea ? A serious game project for your company ? Or you need a game mobile app to promote your activity ? We have the skills to help you make it real!


Design & web ergonomy / Responsive / Social media / ...

You have a business and you want to go online ? From the design to the social media communication campaign. We take care of it all!

Art Direction

Logo / Design / Branding / Photography / …

For your games or website, the visual aspect is the first contact with your customers so make it shine! And let us make it like you want.


Social Network / SEO / SEM

Be visible for your clients and key targets.


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