About us

To begin with, we’d like to share with you the story behind our Studio.
The idea of creating a game studio came out of the mind of Marshal by the end of 2016.
Having developed games for 2 years, he had the ambition of bringing together a team of passionate game creators in order to release a first game worldwide.
In 2017, a team was created with the coming of Exopole (Unity Dev), Tikoq (2D Artist) and Jeronimoh (Sound Designer).
The 4 of them got inspired by game mods of Warcraft 3, and decided to create their own Team Survival with original mechanics up to date.
Today, the project is well advanced, the team as grown and is now stronger of a new 3D artist (Blizzardnia), an office Manager (Noirorou) and a Communication Director (Kherz).
With people based in Reunion island and in France, the team is scattered around the world.

Great organisation and Time-Tried methods are at the core of our working processes, which allow us to be very confident in our chance of releasing our first project and the next ones to come !
Our studio’s logo is the symbol of the hometown of 3 of our team members (St-Joseph, Reunion Island) and it also refers to a greek God that was sent to inflame the Earth.
We hope that our game will arouse the passions !