Adamir\’s Backstory:

Druids had always taken a prominent role in the realm of the two crowns. They were the voices of the earth and the sky, the forest and the seas, and every word they said was heard with profound respect. That\’s how it was, at least until the artifacts were discovered.

Far more profitable for the merchant princes and far less restraining for the warlords, people soon replaced their obsolete beliefs and dogma. At best they were seen as old fuddy-duddies stopping the mining for some old grumpy and spiteful spirit. The druidic education finally stopped blocking the development of the great new nations.

Nevertheless lots of communities were still attached to these traditions and continued to send gifted children on a pilgrimage to the sacred grove, where they received the privilege of a Druidic training with the Arch-Druids.

Some observers noted that in the year the village crop was very bad, then the \”gift\” tended to appear more frequently. But the last erudite scholar that mentioned that hypothesis saying that it could be a way to get rid of some mouths to feed was mysteriously attacked by a bear casually wandering in a library.

Once the young druids were trained, they looked for a welcoming village or community interested in their talents to settle as healer or spiritual guide. Adamir followed this path and became the guide of the small town named Bringsdisbourg. When Adamir was still a young shoot that just came out of the grove, the elder of the village refused to welcome him, not seeing what good it could bring to the village. In the nights that followed, farm animals of Bringsdisbourg were attacked by wolves and the crops were trampled by boars. This event helped the wise elder to reconsider his first judgment. Adamir\’s arrival miraculously made the wild animals problem disappear. After that nobody ever questioned the legitimacy of his place in the community for the next fifty years. The more years that passed, the more his status became comfortable.

As the passing of time became visible in his hair turning from dark to grey, nobody dared to question that the strongest men of the village were working the land for his personal supply of meditative herbs. Each new wrinkle lead to less questioning the appropriateness of taking the best barns for farming mushrooms which actually caused a state closer to coma than spiritual trance.

Obviously, age rarely improves bad temper. And the one who was known as the \”irascible\” became less and less inclined to bear the gurgling noise of trampled mud and constant buzzing of flies.

If he had been born a century earlier, he would have had a place among the greatest lords. He didn\’t really care about royalty and its supposed superiority, but he would have much prefered the warmth of a palace to the moisture of hay and manure. Unfortunately, Druids had lost their privilege among the powerful a long time ago.

In this situation some of the druids prefered a quiet life and sought communion with nature in a hermitage. Good for them ! If they prefered to waste their talents like that, was thinking the “Irascible”. Adamir had always seen his gift as a good tool to make others improve his condition. The law of Nature was only the law of the strongest, harmony was just a concept useful to reassure gullible people. Anyway it didn\’t matter because druids were fast disappearing as the world changed. Soon enough there would be no reputation nor heritage to save.

Then came the day where the two rival realms decided to organize a tournament to determine which had the right answer in conflictual situations. With the help of artifacts, they were going to transform this event into a spectacular and historic show. In the process both realms were going to raise lots of money, no matter what the outcome of the tournament, with the exorbitant cost of the entrance fee payed by all the lords. And also their armies would not suffer any losses.

To finance all of this, it would be necessary to raise food taxes twice or even thrice until the tournament came to an end, but it was far better to have an empty stomach rather than to have villages plundered by foreign armies, wasn’t it ? At least that was what the message posted on all billboards in community houses of the two realms explained.

Soon enough the message came to Adamir saying that the village had to make a sacrifice, in particular to stop growing non directly comestible food. Starting with his special grass and mushrooms.

That was where they crossed the line. Kings choosing to starve their subjects to death to raise their influence, he couldn’t have cared less about. But that it would have repercussions on his plans. That he would have to bless those stupid crops for the rest of his life, knowing that he would have to bear this pitiful village with a clear state of mind, that could not be tolerated. He would go to to put himself at the service of a kingdom\’s ruler, be it his legitimate king or his supposed enemy, the foreign sovereign.


He would participate in the tournament, kick some butts and this event would end in no time. Then he could go back to his regular activities.

Patience is a virtue that this servant of Nature gladly left exclusively to his Mistress.

Original text : Marc Nunez