• Hello Maka, you are the last recruit of Phaethon games. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your career ?

“Hello Daxe! Indeed, I’m the new one here. I come from the cinema, animation, illustration field. I’m also passionate about photography. And of course, I’m a player, always wanting more of mmorpg, moba and rpg.”

  • What made you join the GMO project ?

“The community and communication manager at Phaethon Games contacted me to do some artwork for the website. By exchanging with the team, we realized that we had a common passion for an old mod of War3 which inspired the present project (Enfo’s Team Survival). I immediately got into it! Shortly after that, I was working on the game, and since the team was lacking artists at that time, I became the art director on the project.”

  • What path did you follow to find the right graphic design?

“First, I got introduced to the game. The universe was really “dark” which I thought was not appropriate considering the gameplay and the inspirations of the game (war3). I felt like we needed a more colorful tone. I immediately thought about the jungle ambiance for this game, I wanted something a bit more low poly as well. I got a few artworks ready and I presented my ideas to Marshal (the project manager) and he was thrilled.”

One of the first concept art that I gave to Blizzardnia, our 3D Artist

“I kept on doing research with Blizzardnia for awhile, in order to find ways to improve the playground and the gameplay. We really worked hard on optimising the terrain. In the previous versions, they were no heights, and the key spots were too obvious. We reworked the terrain entirely, we just kept a few key spots like the nexus to defend and the outpost. Finally, with our increasing skills, we ended up with a brand new map, far better.”

Minimap before the visual rework

Minimap after the visual rework


“At this stage, I found that if two teams played on separate fields, then they should be visually different. It needed to be very different, not only in the colors but also in the vegetation and global style.

The starting idea was to have one jungle side and one desert side. But to keep the colorful nature of the game, I chose to take inspiration from the japanese colors and mountains.”


“At this point, the team was focusing on the gameplay. It was the time when I decided to add some background stories and some new graphic identity to better match the new gameplay elements.

After a few meetings, we decided to make the story be about 2 kingdoms and their leaders, making their champions fight in an arena to solve problems that could bring war. The arena was built on top of old ruins from an ancient civilisation long forgotten. My work on that was inspired by The Eldorado and The Atlantide. It’s a design that is also appearing in the UI of the game.”

“The main goal of the tournament is to solve issues between the kings that would otherwise be dealt with through expensive wars. Each terrain represents his king and kingdom’s environment.”

  • The game is closing Beta stage. What’s next?

“The key features are here now. But it would be nice to have a more living world, with some animations and bring magic into this world. I would like to work towards giving a more immersive experience to the player.”

“Finally, If we have the time and opportunity, I would love to add some new heroes as well, some skins, some mounts, and a more polished background to the arena itself.“